Aug 25 2014
A 6.1 Earthquake Hits Napa California

The San Francisco Bay area got hit with a strong 6.1 magnitude earthquake.

map of cities hit by earthquakeMore than a 100 people were injured and there were dozens of buildings damaged from the Earthquake.

Calif gov Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency. He indicated resources would be sent to areas affected by the quake including Solano, Napa, and Sonoma Counties.

The earthquake epicenter struck approximately 6 miles southwest of Napa at appx 3:20 Am on Aug 24. Scientist indicated it was 6.7 miles deep.

San Francisco hasn’t had a big earthquake since October 1989 when a 6.9 magnitude struck and killed 62 people.

30k homes are currently without power and rescue workers are going door tocar damaged by earthquake door checking on buildings checking to see if anyone is in need of help.

The Gas lines and power lines were cut off to 10′s of thousands of homes.

There were 60 water main breaks and over 50 gas lines that had broke.

Witnesses stated the ground started rolling and then the ground shook violently

There were many that had Bumps bruises and cuts.

6 fires had broken out however because the water lines burst there was no way for the fire department to put them out.

Aftershocks are normal after a big earthquake and   The State is warning residences to be prepared.

napa valley signNapa California is right in the heart of Wine Country. Wine makers in Napa Valley are right in the midst of their 2014 harvest.

The Wines that were bottled, and stacked in bins , got tossed from their crates smashing onto the floor breaking many.

Many Roads around the counties had buckling in them and it will be a while before emergency personal are able to address all of the areas.

When will the next Big Earthquake happen?

A big earthquake, considered to be measured as an 8 or greater, is expected to happen. The question isn’t if one will strike, but rather when will the big one strike.

This mornings Earthquake in San Francisco is just another wake up call showing us that an Earthquake can strike at anytime.

Powerful earthquakes hit the West Coast of the United States frequently and although no scientist can predict where or when they all are in agreement that it will happen within 30 years.

Earthquakes are a natural process and cannot be stopped. When they hit they give us a strong reminder that Mother nature can be devastating.

Many people are not prepared for a natural disaster such as an earthquake.

Usually there is little to no warning when one arrives.earthquake emergency preparation kit

This is the time to think about investing in your home and the safety of your family.

Be prepared for the next disaster by keeping emergency food and water in a safe place.

Have an emergency disaster plan prepared and review this with your entire family at least once a year so that everyone knows what to do when the next earthquake or disaster strikes.

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